Polk City Living Room Transformation

Welcome to the new K.Renee web series aimed at highlighting a few of the many transformations we work on every month! Follow along as we show you the behind the scenes process of our transformations and of course the final reveal. Our new series begins in Polk City!   


After visiting with our clients in their home and collecting their inspiration, we were able to blend their personal style with our creative vision to completely transform their living room.

We installed and revealed a completely refreshed space, all in one afternoon! See how a coat of fresh paint, and the right furniture made this space feel open and bright? We mindfully arranged each of the stylish pieces the homeowners selected in a way that was beautiful but also functional for their lifestyle.

Starting with a base of sleek modern furnishings allowed us to play with fun patterns and textures (like in the stylish herringbone chest and gorgeous sherpa chairs) to achieve the modern organic look our clients were seeking.

In the final layering pieces (one of our favorite parts of the transformation process) we brought in black and gold-toned accessories as well as a few natural elements, which instantly brought the room to life. All the colors, tones and textures work together to bring a feeling of warmth and beauty to the space, just in time for fall! 

Over the years, our clients had been slowly making changes to this room (painting the walls, mantel and adding tile around the fireplace.) After updating their light fixture, they made the decision to start completely fresh and looked to us for help. So we walked into a clean slate!


Having lived in this house for 8 years, our clients loved their location, and hoped they could transform their home without having to build new. 

Mission accomplished! 


All photos by Alexa Karen Photography -- excluding the 'before' shots :) 





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